Baptism & Confirmations

Baptism is the means by which we become members of Christ's Church. It is the way that Christ gave to unite us to Himself. It is an occasion of joy in that it is a tangible expression - a sacrament - of God's love for us. It also marks us as those who are continually open to being shaped and called by God. For these reasons, the rite of baptism is something we take seriously, whether you are the parent of a child to be baptised, or an adult candidate.

We welcome all those who come to be baptised whilst at the same time drawing attention to the challenge it presents to the candidates, their families and friends and indeed the Christian community as a whole. Parents and godparents of children, or adult candidates themselves, make solemn promises to God in the course of the Baptism service: to believe in God, to follow Christ and to be a practising member of the Church. These are the ways in which we respond to the call of God: the ways in which all Christian people grow in faith.

Baptisms take place on Sunday mornings at one of the churches within the parish. Families and friends of whatever denomination or faith are most welcome. Christians from other churches who normally receive communion are welcome to join us in our Eucharist.

Confirmation is the completion of baptism. Every year, usually after Easter, we run confirmation classes for children and for adults who have not been confirmed. This is done in conjunction with our neighbouring parishes in the Leighlin diocese. These are an opportunity to think through the meaning of Christian faith, leading into a great service of celebration with our diocesan bishop.

If you would like to consider confirmation, or require further information, please contact the Dean.