WEDDINGS: The Leighlin parishes, particularly Saint Laserian#39;s Cathedral and Saint Moling's Chapel at Borris House are popular venues for weddings. They provide unique and historic settings in beautiful surroundings. The parish warmly welcomes couples seeking a Christian marriage ceremony in the Anglican tradition. Weddings are conducted by the dean or by another Anglican priest appointed by him. In all cases, at least one of those to be married must be a member of the Church of Ireland or a church in communion with it.

There are two marriage services which are approved for sole use and which are used only in the form prescribed. These however enable reasonable choice regarding readings, music and hymns etc for which consultation and guidance is given. Both the cathedral and St Moling's Chapel have pipe organs, the cathedral recently having installed a two-manual Harrison & Harrison. Weddings have also used instrumental groups, singers and a brass band.

You can view both marriage liturgies at the following website addresses:-
Form 1 [Traditional language]: Traditional
Form 2 [Modern language]: Modern

Couples are advised to check the statutory legal requirements relating to marriage noting particularly the THREE MONTH REGISTRATION notification. A marriage service cannot proceed on the day without the legal forms and documentation. Further information on the legal process and requirements can be found at: Getting Married

BLESSING OF CIVIL MARRIAGES: The parish similarly welcomes couples who wish to have their marriage blessed following their civil ceremony. The service is very similar to that of the marriage service except that there is no canonical requirement that one party be a member of the Church of Ireland. You can view the service at the following address: Service

FEES & INFORMATION: There is a facility fee for the use of the cathedral or parish churches. This is negotiated with the dean who is happy to provide further information. Fees in relation to Saint Moling’s Chapel [Borris] are negotiated directly with Borris House. In both cases, additional fees in relation to musicians or other service providers are the responsibility of the couple themselves.